Welcome Unity family,


You will find below our on-line Sunday Service for March 29, 2020.  This period of spiritual connection includes an opening talk by myself, a prayer and meditation time, a closing gratitude blessing, and highlights of on-line services for the coming week. 


Please share our message with family and loved ones.

The Christ in me sees the Christ in YOU     Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst

Thank you for affirming this prayer every day!


I Am One with Infinite Source. I Am created in the image of wholeness, the blueprint of perfection.


I lovingly release everything that stands in the way of my being restored to my natural state of wholeness.


Divine life floods my consciousness with divine energy, healing my body, harmonizing my emotions and renewing my mind.


I am aligned with the positive flow of the universe. Every breath fills me with gratitude and reminds me of my spiritual perfection.


Unity Comox Valley is a vibrant, healthy, prosperous spiritual    community, transforming lives and centered in God, creating a world that works for all.